ITAG strives to provide parents with tools and resources that will assist them in understanding and meeting the unique needs of their gifted children. It is important for parents to understand gifted traits and become effective advocates for their children’s education which will differ depending on each child’s specific needs and circumstances.




Helping Your Children Survive and Thrive

This webinar series for parents is available for on-demand viewing. See this page for links to registration pages for the three of the webinars.

Gifted education in Iowa

Gifted education in Iowa is funded and mandated (see the Gifted and Talented page at the Iowa Department of Education). Each district in Iowa, on its own or in partnership with another district, must offer gifted and talented services to students identified as gifted. Local districts determine how to budget the allocation of gifted and talented funding, how to identify students for the gifted program, and what services to offer to identified students.

Parents can be the best advocates for the educational needs of their children. A starting point for parent advocacy is to learn more about what the districts offer for gifted and talented programming. Visit with the district’s gifted and talented teacher or coordinator, meet with the school administration, and review the gifted program on the district’s website.

For more information and resources on advocating for your student, see ITAG’s Advocacy page.

To support parents, ITAG hosts a Parent Day in the fall. Each issue of the ITAG newsletter contains an article geared for parents. We have a private parent page on Facebook to give parents a safe place to ask questions and share experiences. If you would like to be added to ITAG mailing list or join the parent Facebook group, contact


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