• Identification. The process of identifying a student for a district’s gifted and talented program is determined by the district. Check your district’s website or visit with the gifted teacher to learn more about the identification process in your district. Although there is local determination of identification procedures, all districts operate within Iowa Administrative Code 281.59, Gifted and Talented Programs. 281.59(5) reads as follows.

59.5(5) Student identification criteria and procedures. Students will be placed in a gifted and talented program in accordance with systematic and uniform identification procedures that encompass all grade levels and that are characterized by the following:

  1. Identification will be for the purpose of determining the appropriateness of placement in a gifted and talented program rather than for categorically labeling a student.        
  2. The decision to provide a student with a gifted and talented program will be based on a comprehensive appraisal of the student, consideration of the nature of the available gifted and talented program and an assessment of actual and potential opportunities within the student’s regular school program.
  3. Multiple criteria shall be used in identifying a student, with no single criteria eliminating a student from participation. Criteria will combine subjective and objective data, including data with direct relevance to program goals, objectives and activities.        
  4. In the event that the number of eligible students exceeds the available openings, participants shall be selected according to the extent to which they can benefit from the program.
  5. Each identified student’s progress shall be reviewed at least annually to consider modifications in program or student placement.






  • Program Evaluation


Gifted Program Self-Audit Reflection Tool from the Heartland AEA