• PEPs are presented in Iowa Administrative Code 281.59(4). The section reads as follows.

59.5(4) Personalized education plan. Best practice dictates that the services provided for each student placed in a gifted and talented program be contained in a written, personalized gifted and talented plan. Personalized education plans should be in writing and reviewed at periodic intervals in accordance with the changing needs of the student. The following items are suggested for inclusion in a student’s personalized education plan, but this is neither a mandatory nor an exhaustive list:               

  1. Relevant background data, assessment of present needs and projections for future needs. Relevant information may include the student’s leadership ability, interest inventories, learning characteristics, and learning goals.
  2. The nature and extent of the gifted and talented services provided to the student, including indirect services, such as consultative services or other supportive assistance provided to a regular classroom teacher. Other services may include modifications to curriculum and acceleration of the student’s curriculum.        
  3. Personnel responsible for the services provided to the student, as well as those responsible for monitoring and evaluating the student’s progress.

These PEPs examples are provided for informational purposes only. Examples provided from outside Iowa may not conform to Iowa’s gifted and talented code. Examples provided from Iowa districts may not address the needs of your district.