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Gifted and Talented Self-Audit & Reflection Tool

Kyra Wilcox-Conley

Sunday, October 18


The purpose of the workshop is to train participants to use the Google Sheets-based Gifted and Talented Self-Audit & Reflection Tool (SART). The SART is a series of rubrics, based on GT best practice and Iowa Code that help districts evaluate the current state of their GT programs and create long-term strategic plans to guide their work. Participants will learn about the features of the tool and begin to complete the audit in a guided practice workshop.

The target audience is GT teachers and coordinators and building administrators Individuals are welcome, but a pair or a team from a district would be ideal.

About Kyra

Kyra Wilcox-Conley is the consultant for gifted and talented at Heartland AEA, a position that she came into after many years in schools as an administrator, GT teacher/coordinator, and art teacher. She revised the already excellent SART tool that Mary Schmidt and Linda Moehring originally authored to include expanded analysis capabilities as well as to pull the program evaluation rubrics and action planning into one electronic file. When not geeking out over spreadsheets, she enjoys drawing, gardening, and hanging out with her family.