Thanks to all who made ITAG’s 2016 Annual Conference a success!

2016 ITAG Conference LogoWe had a great conference! Our keynote presenters Dr. Patricia Gatto Walden and Dr. Jim Delisle gave our audience members food for thought, as did our pre-conference speaker Ian Byrd. Thanks also to all of our breakout session presenters for sharing their time and expertise!

Thanks to the fantastic leadership of Jim Dermody, principal of Lewis Central Middle School and recipient of ITAG’s Administrator of the Year Award! The two recipients of ITAG’s Distinguished Service Award were Mary Schmidt and Nancy Grimes; thanks to both of you for service to the students and teachers of Iowa!  Ann Boultinghouse received ITAG’s Legacy Award and reminded the audience why she is a beloved figured in gifted education!

Two special legislative awards were presented to Congressman David Young and Senator Chuck Grassley for their leadership at working to have gifted education included into ESSA, the first time that gifted education has been in federal education law. Even if you were at the session, you may want to take another look at Senator Grassley’s motivating and impassioned comments in support of gifted education: Sen. Grassley speaking on gifted education at ITAG 2016 Annual Conference

A final thanks to Lorraine Duitsman, 2016 conference chair, for her dedicated work at putting together a top-notch conference! Kudos, Lorraine!

Conference Information

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2017 ITAG Conference

Airport Holiday Inn, Des Moines
October 16-17, 2017