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NAGC Educator’s Tool Kit

Because of the increasing number of requests for information for administrators about high-ability and high-potential learners, NAGC convened a task force of administrators to develop concise videos, fact sheets, and supporting documents — tools that district leaders can use as briefing materials and as the starting point to advocate for and implement services for gifted students. Here is the link:

Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Programming Standards

Standards provide a basis for policies, rules, and procedures that are essential for providing systematic programs and services to any special population. While standards may be addressed and implemented in a variety of ways, they provide important direction and focus to the endeavor of program development. They also help define the comprehensiveness necessary in designing and developing options for gifted learners at the local level. Because these standards are grounded in theory, research, and practice paradigms, they provide an important base for all efforts on behalf of gifted learners at all stages of development.