What is an ITAG Affiliate?

An ITAG Affiliate is any group of individuals that value and advocate for high ability learners. While most Affiliate groups are designated as Parent Affiliates, ITAG is also proud to sponsor Educator Affiliates as well.

Many Affiliates represent a particular school district, however, we encourage those interested in starting an ITAG Affiliate to consider the needs of the area such as a regional Affiliate to meet the needs of rural areas. The featured article in our Winter 2010-11 Newsletter features the Friends of Johnston ELP Parent Affiliate and would be a good reference to those wising to start an ITAG Affiliate.

Some steps you should take when starting an affiliate include:

  • Elect officers and establish chapter by-laws. A sample is provided as a link below.
  • Complete both the “Chapter Information Form” and “Chapter Dues Form”.  Forms should be sent to the provided address.
  • Determine goals and focus of your chapter. A list is provided as beginning suggestions. Also use your local gifted educators to determine what might be most beneficial to promote your particular program.

If you are interested in more information or would like help setting up an ITAG Affiliate, please contact any member of the ITAG Board Parent Outreach Committee.

Claudia Koch
LeAnn Oldenburger
Felicia Twit

Affiliate By-Laws
Affiliate Chapter Information Form
Affiliate Chapter Dues Form
Article: “Parent Support Group Benefits Students”
Beginning Focus Ideas for Affiliates