Distinguished Service Award

ITAG’s Distinguished Service award is given in recognition of an individual’s long standing exemplary service, contribution, and commitment to Iowa’s gifted and talented students.  Current ITAG board members are not eligible for this prestigious award.


1979-80 (first one/originally intended for teachers only) Ruth Blome & Eleanor Wilson

1980     Juana Kay Peterson

1981    Cleone Schneck

1982    Jean Kratz

1983    Florence Hoffman

1984    Hal Tuttle

1985    Marilyn Lilja

1986    Jan McCumsey Van Note & Anne Crabbe

1987    Marianne Marcek

1988    Ella Mae Gogel & Jan Yoder

1989    Lee Wolf

1990    Darrell Leitz

1991    Joy Corning

1992    Sue Baltzer

1993    Nicholas Colangelo

1994    Linda Parker

1995    Harry Budensiek

1996    Chris and Deanna Jens

1997    Mary Kay Shanley Rhodes

1998    Nancy Lawrence

1999    William “Bill” Waack

2000    Kay North & Karen Garvin

2001    Ann Boultinghouse

2002    Catherine Blando & Arlie Willems

2003    Arlene DeVries & Jean Saveraid

2004    Sally Beisser & Pam Johnson

2005    Sen. Charles Grassley & Sen. Tom Harkin

2006    Patricia Flater & Judy Jeffrey

2007    Julia Burton & The Belin-Blank Center

2008    Marilynn Buxton & Kathy Paul

2009    Clar Baldus & Carma McLaren

2010    Sally Thorson

2011    Jean Johnson

2012    Nancy Carter

2013    U. S. Representative Tom Latham

2014    Jean Oberbroeckling and Leon Lueck

2015   Fred Johnson

2016   Nancy Grimes and  Mary Schmidt

2017   Jay Swords

2018   Linda Moehring

2019   Kathy Jepson


Administrator of the Year Award

ITAG’s Administrator of the Year Award is presented to a comprehensive public or private school administrator or to a district office administrator who has exhibited a long-standing commitment to gifted students and their families. This commitment is exemplified by their recognition and support, and respect for the unique and diverse needs of gifted and talented learners through advocacy, educacy, and networking. This award is presented in years when an exceptional candidate is nominated.


2010   Jill Urich, Waukee CSD

2011   Tim Taylor, Ames CSD

2012   Pam Ehly, Iowa City CSD

2013   Nicole Herdrich, Central Lee CSD

2014   Laurie Thies, Lewis Central CSD

2015   Michael Dailey, Southeast Polk CSD

2016   Jim Dermody, Lewis Central CSD

2018    Sherice Ortman, Waterloo CSD

2019   Tracy Schipper, College Community CSD


Outstanding Parent Award

Beginning in 2018, ITAG has presented the Outstanding Parent/Guardian award.  Our profession cannot do its good and important work without the support, collaboration and advocacy provided to our students and schools by parents and guardians. Family members are our first talent scouts as their children enter school, and continue to be keen observers in the classrooms, important team members at the table when differentiation and acceleration are being discussed, and tireless in their enthusiastic volunteerism and support for all gifted learners and programs in their schools.

2018   Tracy Codel

2019   Amanda Freese

Legacy Award

2016   Ann Boultinghouse


2017   Arlene De Vries


Legislative Action Award

The Legislative Action Award was a special award given in 2016 to recognize the advocacy and leadership of Senator Chuck Grassley and Representative David Young for funding for the Jacob Javits Gifted & Talented Students Education Act and for supporting the TALENT Act, which laid the way for inclusion of gifted education in ESEA.

ITAG Research Awards

ITAG supports researchers as they endeavor to explore effective programs and teaching methods to help gifted students as they learn.  To that end, ITAG has been actively recognizing outstanding researchers and their research since 1986.  Some of those award-winning researchers have been:

1986:  Leslie Kalianov

1987:  Linda Delbridge Parker

1989:  Janice Blockhus

1991:  Christine Schultz; Susan Dutton

1994:  LeAnn Morris; John Acter

1996:  Jean Schneider; Marlyse Strait

1998:  Patty Smith

2000:  Diane Pratt; Michelle Muratori

2002:  Brandy Case Haub; Janine Kane; Terri Van Hagen

2008:  Krista Taylor

2010:  Jenelle Miller

2015: Kristine Milburn; Brooke Gevock